The Save-Vest Planning – when to save and when to Invest?

Every one wishes to wake up to a lot of money and if you already have a lot, you always wish to wake up to seeing it intact or multiplied. I enjoy the saying making money in your sleep but even with the vast opportunities available today, less than 20% of the world’s population get to enjoy the financial luxury.

Why? Its because it takes time, planning, perseverance more than mere wishes. Money don’t grow on trees, they come when something is exchanged right. Today lets talk about the timing of the 2 most important words you hear when people talk about wealth – savings and investing. Is there really a right time for any or both of them?

You may have heard experts say you should have some money in savings accounts, and some money in investment accounts. But how do you know the right way to divide up your funds? Understanding when to save and when to invest will set you up for long-term success.

“Saving is the foundation that makes it easier to stay committed to investing for the longer term,” says Bryan Bibbo and i couldn’t agree more

That’s where to start, the SAVE angle. For those things you really need to live life, survive first, you need to work, earn, and save the right way. your path to breakthrough starts when you break free from the month to month survival, meaning – you have enough savings – emergency funds like for 6-12 months.

When your next paycheck becomes part of your money project instead of the cheque to survive on – i say that’s when the time comes for the SAVE-VEST angle. This is when you start planning out money for investments and savings. Your investments could be anything from bonds, real estate, money instrument, shares, stocks but because this investments are for the long term, you want expect return on value asap. Your savings on the other hand while it may not give you a lot of interest gives you liquidity, peace of mind and well it wont reduced – its a guaranteed balance.

When do you enter the full INVESTING angle. Let me ask you, If you currently live in your house almost fully paid, have over 3 years worth of emergency funds plus extra savings. and then some cash come along, would you still want to save for no interest now or try sending that money on a money hunt job? Its easy to know when its time to go long on investing, that moment when you can now take more risk and not risking the survival of your family. That moment when your worries are for what next 10 years look like not the next 6 months.

The cycle of SAVING, SAVING INVESTMENT and INVESTMENT differ for everyone, from employees, to business owners to creative enterpreneurs or the present billionaires of today but i can tell you that if you live your life only in the savings zone, we can both assume you would struggle and be frustrated all the time. The save-vest and investing zone is where people get to and tell you – “Life is beautiful” for their worry is not for the now, it is for the ‘morrow.

What if i told we have found a way to get you to the other side? Start today – register a free account with Kernelvest and grow your wealth.

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