Investments! do you invest and what kind of investor are you?

This is the part where we test your investments knowledge or what you really think you know about investing as a way towards financial freedom.

What is an investment, I like the way investopedia puts it…

In an economic sense, an investment is the purchase of goods that are not consumed today but are used in the future to create wealth. In finance, an investment is a monetary asset purchased with the idea that the asset will provide income in the future or will be sold at a higher price for a profit.

That’s it, something down today for profiting tomorrow. if many of our goals is centered around financial freedom, having enough wealth to live by and retire on then we can easily put investing as a means to a happier life in the near future! Are you Investing in anything for that financial freedom you crave?

Where do the rich of today put their money? there are many different ways these people have gone about their investing, including putting money into stocks, bonds, mutual funds, ETFs, real estate (and other alternative investment sources), or even starting their own business.

There are better times to start somethings but it is never too late to start investing because it is for profiting, and while you are probably answering whether you are presently an investor with how you spend your money, lets take a dive into the type of investor you probably are …

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Through my studies, i have been able to break down investors into 5 stages which i will discuss with you.


As the name connotes, they always claim to have nothing to invest and this is either because they spend everything they earn or spend more than what they earn. This people live on what is not yet available, they fit the category that don’t live within their means and blame everything and everyone around them for not having enough to prepare for their future. It also comes down to how much financial education they have to understand that your financial smartness is what is needed to get you out of the work-life rat-race. Are you a zero-sum investor?


The investor at this stage takes advantage of the “lending” system available to make things “happen”. They often forget that when you start the lending, you probably have started running out of your means. Wait, i’m not saying borrowing is not good, It is one of the best bet for business funding if all the cards are right. This type of investor would borrow to invest in a stock they know nothing about, they are aware of the need to invest but also lack the financial knowledge to pick right and often do it with borrowed funds leading mostly to financial struggle when all fails.


This are the typical savers. They learnt well from our parents about the culture of savings but they often stop there, they are not ready to be adventurous into making the saved money work extra for them. They are comfortable with the <3% offered by their bank in exchange for savings. Not minding the inflation that can diminish savings over time, they are OK seeing the sum just like that. They are very discipline with the savings but scared of every business venture, afraid of putting some or all of their money is a separate vehicle for fear of loosing it. Are you a keeper?


I call this group of people troubled because for one they understand the need invest and they do have some form of savings culture within them however their attitude towards investments is what makes them “troubled”. These set of investors fall into the “i don’t care” type who just leaves their savings and seemingly investments to anyone because they don’t want to be bothered about financial accounting, or the “pessimist” type who has 1,000 reasons a business or a stock will fail rather than 1 reason for it to survive and this is because they invest shabbily in wrong vehicles and become agent of no/bad investment. We also have the gamblers, they just throw their savings at anything they hear is hot and wallow in the results afterwards. Are you a troubled investor?


This stage of investors understand that wealth is a long term venture and make positive plans towards their financial fortune. They understand the need to save, they understand the need to invest, they invest time in understanding the investments they are putting their money into, they plan their future towards a definite wealth goal and don’t leave their finances to chance. They don’t believe in financial magic wands, they know you must work at it continuously for it to mature. No wonder, this type of investors grow to become master of money over time and when they grow, they become king of industries because they plan with enough funds that have made them financially free. Would you like to be a wise investor?

It is never too late to learn about money and how to make it work for you, plug into real savings from what you have, learn to manage your finances, invest in your financial literacy and then let your financial education start paving the way to your wealth freedom.

Remember, Start small, continue and be innovative along the way – and you will WIN.

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