BUILD is our Wealth and Investment Journal at Kernelvest, Our experts talk to you about money, savings, wealth, investments, spending habits, managing your money and what people are doing out there that works.

What is Kernelvest?

KernelVest is a ‘NewSchool’ online investment platform that seeks to empower the low and middle class towards the world of wealth creation through investing, We try to achieve this using an unintentional method of stashing your funds away into an Intentional Investment goal that brings you more returns than your bank will probably do.

Simply say, we are the company that looks to create wealth for the ‘masses’ through Micro-Investments.

We have automated everything for you to take advantage of and made the platform very easy to use, especially saving & managing your MONEY.

Our team is always ready to work with our new and old customers. Join the train today and lets create wealth together. Register at